Gift from Saint-Paul on Canvas Wrap
Gift from Saint-Paul on Canvas Wrap
Gift from Saint-Paul on Canvas Wrap

Gift from Saint-Paul on Canvas Wrap

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This print is part of a collection of works by Hillary Holmes inspired by the floral work of Vincent Van Gogh. Centered on the artist’s 1890 painting, Almond Blossoms, the works embrace stylistic elements of Van Gogh’s work. Hillary uses her distinct brushwork and colors while honoring the artists compositional elements to create something truly unique.

Saint-Paul is named for the asylum in Saint-Rémy where Van Gogh spent his final months and painted Almond Blossoms (1890).

Misty blues cloud around a tree of deep greens and varied blue tones, while white petals seem to float amongst its branches. The soft and delicate buds of the almond tree's blossoms juxtapose against a gnarled trunk and craggy limbs. This seems a fitting tribute to an artist who offered the world such beauty but was troubled so deeply in his own life.


Green Barn Studio gallery wraps are printed on 100% cotton canvas fabric on a solid internal frame. The back of the art is closed with black cardboard and has hanging hardware attached.


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If you love this style but are looking for an original painting rather than a print, please visit my commission information page.