Almond Bloem, fine art print
Almond Bloem, fine art print
Almond Bloem, fine art print
Almond Bloem, fine art print
Almond Bloem, fine art print
Almond Bloem, fine art print
Almond Bloem, fine art print
Almond Bloem, fine art print

Almond Bloem, fine art print

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This print is part of a collection of works by Hillary Holmes inspired by the floral work of Vincent Van Gogh. Centered on the artist’s 1890 painting, Almond Blossoms, the works embrace stylistic elements of Van Gogh’s work. Hillary uses her distinct brushwork and colors while honoring the artists compositional elements to create something truly unique.

In this painting a lone branch stretches across the canvas atop a blush cloud. Distinctly outlined flower petals and blossoms decorate a twisting branch. The asymmetry of this composition is a nod to Japanese influences in the floral works of Van Gogh. 

While the term may not have been known to him, the concept of wabi-sabi - the aesthetic embracing of the imperfect - would be one with which Van Gogh was familiar. Japanese Ukiyo-e, or woodblock prints, were popular in Western Europe at this time and were widely collected by the artist and his contemporaries. These prints were influential in the work of Van Gogh in several ways, including the departure from traditional western composition and exploration into broken perspectives and fragmented images.


Unframed prints sized up to 12 x 16" are printed on flat, unstretched canvas. They are printed, hand cut, and packaged in the artists studio.

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Leave me a note in the personalization box to let me know if you would like to add a mat to your art (no additional cost) or would prefer it unmatted. If the box is left blank, art will be framed without a mat.

Mats used are 1" or 2" white mats, depending on the size of the art. Prints over 25 x 37" cannot be matted.


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