The Van Gogh Collection

Introducing my next collection! In collaboration with IXXI and the Van Gogh Museum I will be creating a 21st century version of the artist's famous Almond Blossom painting. This is part of a project in which artists from around the world will be painting their modern interpretations of the artist's works in the museum's collection.

Follow along in my Instagram stories to see updates on the work and insight into the process. To create this series I will be studying the artist's painting compositions, his inspirations, and even his brushwork. Using the image of Almond Blossom as an inspiration I will paint my own versions of the subject with Van Gogh's painting style as a guide. The result will be something quite different from the original.

Almond Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh

The inspiration, Almond Blossom, 1890

This process is much like my landscapes where I look at a picture of a place and start with it's true composition before abandoning the image and finishing with intuitive color and brushstrokes.